St Mary's Service started our service in 2006. We are providing different types of recovery service for local and national vehicle dealerships. The activities are recorded and pictures are taken to ensure your object arrives at its destination quickly, reliably and safely.Our quality of service makes us on top of field within such a short time. We provide a prompt, polite and courteous service. Our fully trained technicians and moreover our fleet of modern recovery vehicles are regularly maintained to ensure a safe and efficient service and we are known to our customers for our in time service, which ensures that our service standards meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

The company from its foundation on 2009 is starving hard to deliver best and the latest industrial cranes for industrial and commercial development. The management and workers deliver their complete expertise to deliver quality service. The experienced and talented mechanical staffs are also play an important role in delivering business. Our cranes are manned by operators who are trained to the highest standards within the industry and get the sagest performance.


We St Mary’s Crane Service provides 24/7 hour support to our clients. Delivering excellence in everything we do is our specialty. The way we achieve this is through allotting the best crane operator by providing reliable equipment at 24/7 and completing the work in a safe and timely manner.  


St Mary’s Crane Service is a leading Crane Service Providers in Kottayam. We deliver our service in tree care, lights and signs etc. Our service areas are extended all over Kottayam. Since 2006 we are on this crane service. St Mary’s is a company that is committed to excellence. Innovative Product designs, integrated safety features are our key success points.

We are full service mobile crane service providing company. All our projects are schedule under correct time and cost.  We deliver world class service to our customers at minimum rate. St Mary’s is a name you can trust in Crane Service in Kottayam. At StMary’s we do more than lift things. We solve problems and provide solutions. It is true that we have a lot of cranes, crawlers and specialty lifts in Kottayam.

Any way StMary’s is more than a sum of equipment. We are a team of professionals with years of experience and dedication with best, safest and most effective way to move whatever needs to be moved.